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Why I prefer to drink coffee at home

There’s one important reason why it’s better to drink coffee at home. It isn’t the fact that no one can make coffee better than you. (That isn’t likely.) The truth is, to fully appreciate something, one needs to be intimately involved in its conception. Thus, if I want to truly enjoy my coffee, I need to make that coffee myself. One of the most enjoyable aspects of one’s coffee moment is brewing the coffee. Throughout the process, you’ll smell a variety of aromas, and come to know your coffee beans. You’ll see the colours of freshly made coffee and the colours of coffee grinds that have just made contact with hot water. You’ll really be part of the process and able to choose what kind of flavours go into the coffee that you yield. Moreover, you can choose how to serve the coffee and what kind of cup or mug it’s held in. At home, the possibilities are endless when it comes to setting up and selecting your place to drink as well. These opportunities simply aren’t feasible, stuck in a public place.

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Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe that many baristas make good coffee, but even so, the cup that’s handed to me will always be missing some of the passion that my own creation contains. More often than not, baristas don’t have any motivation to go above and beyond for you. Minor differences notwithstanding, you’ll receive the same cup of coffee as the hundred patrons that came before you—as well as the hundred to come.

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Better equipment

I also understand that many establishments have expensive tools to help their baristas and brewers craft balanced beverages. Nonetheless, the passion is lacking, and one’s own input cannot be replaced with even the very fanciest tackle. It’s fine to go out—to meet with friends, to see new places, to smell new smells—but know that a coffee-focused moment is never more potent than right at home.

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There’s nothing quite like a fresh start

Coffee is not just a drink. It’s a wonderful sensational experience!
To fully appreciate the aromas and flavors of our coffee drinks, we should make it a habit to cleanse our mouths properly before taking the first sip.
What’s the best way to cleanse our palates?
There are many different ways. It all depends on us and our preferences.


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Coffee travel around South – East  Asia

When I was travelling around Asia, I spoke with many local baristas. I also used the chance to participate in various coffee brewing workshops.

I am amazed, how baristas in Asia generally have a strong desire to really understand the complex processes of coffee growing, harvesting, processing, roasting, brewing and tasting. They want to know, how one process has a causal effect on the other processes. Many Asian baristas enjoy tasting coffee knowledgeably. It brings them happiness to understand why for some brews the most notable flavor is blueberry or dark chocolate. Continue reading COFFEE CULTURE IN ASIA

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The sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that had left the conscious mind. – Thalassa Cruso (1909 – 1997), plant lover


We smell and sense the world around us every day. A lot of what we actually “taste” is done through smelling. Our sense of smell could be capable of so much more – if we would train it!  George Dodd, who runs the Aroma Academy in Aberdeen, emphasizes: “People don’t realise that the sense of the smell is like a muscle. Use it or lose it.” Our noses are amazing. We just need to pay attention.

Roasted coffee beans


Mindful Coffee Moments: Grinding Coffee Beans

The mortar and pestle are ancient grinding utensils and historically closely associated with creating medicine. They are effective tools to prepare ingredients and to bring out aromatic and essential oils in a natural way.
In the Ethiopian culture, coffee preparation is a mindful ceremony during which the beans are ground with a mortar and pestle. It’s a long ritual, a time of contemplation and a process that is not performed quickly.


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Energy in coffee – four small articles

Smell, Taste, Enjoy or what is true coffee passion.

Every coffee-lover should have at least three coffee monkeys inside themselves. Each monkey has a different task. One focuses on tasting flavours. Another one explores the aromas with his/her nose. And one more monkey feels the body of the coffee.

All monkeys have to work together as a team with joy. People with a true passion for coffee take care of the monkeys inside of them. Otherwise, they would only consume coffee without enjoying it.


Continue reading THE ENERGY OF COFFEE

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Simple things and small shifts in thinking can change our life… and the world. Often times, we are getting too comfortable in our daily routines. We stop challenging ourselves and lose the drive in making our life more meaningful, interesting and fun. One of the thing is “coffee”.

Cup of black coffee


There is a way to make it better. Find it.
Thomas Edison, American inventor (1847-1931)

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages. Many people start their day with a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. I will not discuss the possible benefits or risks of drinking coffee, but it’s a fact that the majority of people drink coffee to boost their energy, to focus better on a task or to refresh themselves. 

Is it coffee energy drink?

‘Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.’
Oprah Winfrey

A lot of people think that caffeine is the main energy source of coffee. However, I don’t agree with it. In my point of view, the biggest energy source of coffee are the mindful moments while we are enjoying the drink, our company and the environment around us. Magic happens when we practice mindfulness and start to notice and appreciate the coffee’s story from the plantation to the cup as well as the flavours, aromas and texture of the final drink. These exciting, magic and relaxing moments will give us energy.

Let’s also keep in mind that that caffeine doen’t give us energy. Through a kind of biological trickery, caffeine tricks us into thinking that we are not tired.

Source: David Ferguson, Coffee doesn’t give you energy, it just fools your brain into thinking it isn’t tired, Raw Story,December 27, 2014: https://bit.ly/2XUeOGr

If you want to drink a coffee like real energy drink, sugar, milk or cream needs to be added. One may also enjoy an energetic meal before drinking the coffee.



Ideal recipe for coffee brewing, what it will work for each coffee “DOESN’T EXIST!”

Coffee recipes are ideal, for beginning and coffee shops. Once you start with coffee brewing. After, you will get some new skills, try to avoid of using some recipes. Even in good coffee shops, where are experienced Baristas and often they change coffee beans, they don’t use Brewing recipes. If, yes, they are laying to you, or they have bad management who don’t trust to them, or they are not good Baristas. For me good Barista has to have some passion and love coffee.
Coffee in Prague



Did you know that Prague is the home of a famous, metaphorically called ‘Dancing House’ – a building that represents the Yin and Yang philosophy of life?

Dancing house

The Yin and Yang symbol dates back to ancient China and represents the belief that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary.[1]

In Prague, the dynamic Yin and Yang world view and life wisdom can be observed everywhere!

Contemporary masterpieces complement ancient treasures.

Prague is home to impressive medieval architecture, ornate buildings, cobblestone streets, beautiful parks and charming neighbourhoods where we can explore witty modern art and creative business concepts.

Ema cafe

Prague’s cafes and coffee shops represent the city’s many-sided ‘Yin and Yang’ cultural spirit.

Some cafes have been around for many decades. Have you ever wondered, where Albert Einstein enjoyed sipping coffee? Then you could come to Prague. Famous artists like Einstein or Franz Kafka visited these places in search of inspiration and peace.

In Prague, we can also find an increasing number of new, blooming specialty coffee shops. All of them enhance the ‘Golden City’s’ creative vibes.

We explored various, different specialty coffee shops in Prague and experienced unique moments that satisfied our senses!

Below, you will find a list of specialty coffee shops that you should not miss in Prague.

The list includes coffee shops that:

– offer coffee drinks from fresh roasted coffee

– grind the beans freshly every time before they brew the coffee

– prepare Batch Brew or other alternative preparation methods

– make it their priority to serve excellent coffee and some small dishes and deserts on the side

–  use a manual or semi-automatic coffee machine

–  offer not only flavours, but also an inspiring environment and friendly customer service

Café Jen

[1] Carlo Miguel Lao, The Yin and the Yang: Harmony and Balance in the Workplace, Lookingglass, https://bit.ly/2wIU19D




A blog about the Coffee culture of a less known, but vibrant city within the EU

Find yourself in one of the inspiring coffee shops within this innovative and timeless city

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