Happiness comes in waves. ?

Coffee as a product and the way of life associated with it is developing in several different ‘waves’. Three significant waves of coffee advancements have been recognised by coffee lovers:

1. Coffee’s First Wave: easy daily access to coffee for the general consumers

This wave took place during the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. It turned the once exotic and extravagant drink into an easily accessible, everyday beverage and quick tasty caffeine fix for the wider public. The reduction of coffee prices, successful advertising methods as well as two key innovation precipitated this trend: the introduction of instant coffees and vacuum packaging. The increase in coffee consumption at home or at the office was massive.
Generally, First Wave Coffee was highly acidic and rather weak. Therefore, it was often combined with a lot of cream and sugar to compensate for the acidity and light flavor.

Third coffee wave
Coffee wave

2. Coffee’s Second Wave: growing desire for higher quality coffee

This wave started during the late 1960’s. During this time, coffee consumers became more aware of quality and taste differences. They expressed a growing desire to know where their coffee came from and how it was produced. Consumers wanted to enjoy their coffee drinks and learn more about different brew methods. More and more coffee shops – places specialized in selling coffee drinks (including drinks such as the frappuccino, mochaccino) – started to pop up. Companies such as Peet’s and Starbucks offered better quality coffee and espresso drinks to the wider public. Drinking coffee became more of a social event.
In 1974, the founder of Knutsen coffees, Erna Knutsen (1921-2018), used the term “specialty coffee” for the time. Compared to “Gourmet” coffees, which had no defined standards, specialty coffee had to score 80 – 100 points out of 100-point scale according to SCAA.
However, second wave coffee roasts were still pretty dark. Many things could have been done better to optimize speciality coffee and culture.

Coffee brewing

3. Coffee’s Third Wave: appreciation of coffee as an artisan beverage

The term ‘Third Wave Coffee’ had been introduced by Trish Rothgeb in 2002. Third Wave Coffee culture celebrates coffee moments – from the bean to the cup – as a form of art. It also refers to a way of life that values and promotes transparency and sustainability in all coffee moments. Coffee lovers are now exploring and enjoying the subtle flavours of speciality coffee and the wonderful culture that is associated with it.

Actual coffee wave

The ‘Third Wave of Coffee’ is dancing together with another wave – the wave of enjoying coffee mindfully. Mindful coffee drinking is a wonderful way of bringing mindfulness into our daily lives. We focus the mind on the present moment. To enjoy our coffee rituals fully, we savor the fragrance, color and flavour. We pay attention to our breath, physical sensations, thoughts and feelings.

Source: https://www.fullcupflavor.com/blogs/articles/4-waves-of-coffee

Let’s ride these waves ?! And let’s enjoy each moment ?!

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