There are many different ways to enjoy coffee. It all depends on you and your preferences.

The magic of lightly roasted beans

I like to drink light roasted coffee – simple and straight, without milk or sugar. I prefer more

acidic coffee and enjoy discovering as many different, vibrant flavors and aromas as possible. Freshly brewed, light roasted coffee can be full of beautiful sweet floral or fruity notes.

If you are used to drinking dark roasted coffee, you could give it a try and taste lighter roast.

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Morning coffee

Room temperature

I made it a habit to let my freshly brewed coffee, cool down for a little while. If you let the coffee sit for some moments, its aroma and flavour will be more intensive. Research suggests that our taste buds identify fine nuances much better at room temperature.

Get to know your coffee

The variety of the coffee plant has a big effect on its flavour. And so does the way the green coffee beans had been processed once after the harvest. Who roasted the beans and how did she or he do it? I believe that the more we know and understand the coffee we are drinking, the more we will appreciate and enjoy it.

Bad and good coffee

Everything that happens in our life is connected to something. Our quality of life is connected to good and bad coffee:

  • There are people that drink bad coffee.
  • These people tend to be nervous, not happy and unfriendly to other people.
  • There are people that drink good coffee. Generally, these people make the world a more happy place.
  • Perhaps you do not believe in it. If this is the case, just give it a try and drink bad coffee. You will see, how this coffee will change your day.
  • You should not drink coffee just for the caffeine. Just as it is not a good idea to drink wine just for the alcohol. Drink coffee for pleasure and for your soul.
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