Coffee farm

Smart coffee-farmers are also passionate bee-keeper! That way, they are making sure that plenty bees and butterflies are dancing around their coffee-gardens.

Fruitful work enables them to harvest excellent coffee beans. After all, they can also collect and enjoy delicious honey!

The coffee flower you can use like delicate herb tea. It has a nice aroma and smooth caramel after taste. Quite popular it is in Thailand. One of the best Coffee flower tea, they sell in Bangkok in Gallery Drip coffee or in Chiang Mai in Akha Ama cafe.

When the flower blossoms, the bee will come. – Srikumar Rao

Coffee flower

Coffee flowers are beautiful with a sweet and elegant fragrance, similar to the scent of jasmine. They have 5 – 9  small, delicate, snow-white petals that are open at night and early in the morning,

A coffee flower blooms only 3 – 4 days. If it does not get pollinated by an insect during this time, it will fade and not produce a coffee cherry.

coffee flowers
Coffee flowers

Coffee Processing Methods

Fall in love with the process and the result will come. – American motivational speaker

An important part of the story behind each cup of coffee – from harvest to enjoying the final drink – is the way the coffee beans had been processed from the cherry to the green beans that are going to be roasted.

Coffee ‘beans’ are – in fact – the seeds of the coffee fruits (cherries).

Coffee beans picking
Picking of coffee beans, used image of Mali Maeder from

There are 3 main ways to process coffee seeds:

  • Washed – The skin, pulp and the inner sticky, thin mucilage-layer of the coffee cherry are removed using water and fermentation.
  • Honey (‘semi- washed’) – Only the skin and the pulp of the coffee cherry are removed. The coffee seeds are dried within the remaining sugary – honey- like – mucilage layer – the gluey substance that surrounds the coffee seeds.
  • Natural – The seeds are dried within the Fruit . No layers are removed.

The way the coffee seeds are being processed has a crucial impact on the flavor profile of the final drink.

Processing methods differ by region and have been influenced by various different cultural traditions and environmental factors such as the availability of water.

Hand with coffee cherry
Coffee cherry with coffee stone

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