It does not matter if you are preparing Espresso, Pour-Over, Chemex or Hario.

Do not mind what other people are saying. Only you know, what is best for you. You chose your favorite coffee preparation process. Do not let other  people manipulate you.

A coffee prayer could help you to improve the way you are preparing your daily cup of coffee. Perhaps you will enjoy your coffee even more. Prepare your coffee always with love and respect. There is a lot of hard work behind each bean – from the farm to mill to the exporter to roaster.

Here is my Prayer:

Thanks to the nice weather in the coffee origin countries for helping the coffee plants grow.

Thanks to the farmers who carefully harvest and process the beans.

Thanks to the transporting companies that bring the beans safely to their next destinations.

Thanks to the roasters for bringing out the wonderful flavors, aromas and colors.

Thanks to my employer/customers who give me the opportunity to buy these coffee beans.

Thanks to my nose, eyes and skills, for helping me to select coffee beans.

Thanks for the clean water that I am using to prepare my coffee.

Thanks for my skills and ability to learn how to prepare delicious coffee and improve each day in doing so.

Thanks to my grinder and scale that I am using to prepare coffee.

Thanks to my kettle, timer, scale, dripper, filter and jug for helping me.

Thanks to my hands for holding the jug to pour the water correctly over the grinded beans.

Thanks to my cup.

Thanks to everybody, wherever you are, for helping to bring the beans to my cup so that I can enjoy this coffee and my life to the fullest. Thank you so much.

coffee pot, reflection
Morning coffee

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