Calling all passionate home-baristas and photographers!

Workshops are on two dates: Both they need minimum 3 people or max. 8 people per group.

Term  26/10 -03/10 2019

Do you want to save on your fee? Bring with you some people. For each person who will join your group, you will get 10% of your fee.

Language: English

More about cost, down under text.


  • Visting 3 coffee farms
  • Picking and basic processing of coffee beans/ cherries
  • Coffee beans roasting workshop
  • Coffee brewing workshop
  • 1st. Coffee cupping of local Thai beans
  • 2nd. coffee cupping of various coffee roasters
  • Within 10 days in Chiang Mai we will visit approx 15 various specialty coffee shops.
  • One day of pottery class – make your own cup or coffee dripper
  • A couple walking tours around Chiang Mai town
  • Coffee fest in Bangkok (ticket is not included)

Extra activities – not include, but it is possible to order 

  • Thai cooking afternoon – desserts
  • An extra day at pottery
  • Introducing meditation
  • Yoga class
  • Thai massage
  • Painting class
  • Soap making

The creative spirit in Chiang Mai, Thailand is contagious!

Find yourself in Chiang Mai, get inspired and unleash the artist in you!

Experience this thriving city and the art of making things happen. Expect the unexpected and get inspired 🙂

I am Marek, a passionate photographer, and barista. I travel to explore the international specialty coffee culture. I love to inspire and to create exceptional experiences. Bringing people together who find pleasure in the art of photography and specialty coffee culture is my mission. I want to encourage coffee-lovers to learn to handcraft coffee and to replicate the sensory experience of preparing and drinking drip coffee in the comfort of their homes.

Are you ready to join me at Chiang Mai, a destination that I love?
Let’s explore the deep creative spirit of Chiang Mai’s artistic community together with people who share a passion for photography and great coffee!

I am organizing a small group cultural trip to Chiang Mai based on my local knowledge and contacts. The focus will be on providing unique experiences with local coffee artists. Passionate and experienced local guides and specialists will lead various day trips, workshops, and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Both, photography and handmade coffee preparation, in their own way, are a form of art. Photographers take pictures to tell a story, to convey feelings, an idea or a message. Baristas and roasters create art with coffee beans. Photographers, baristas, and roasters have visions and they use all of their senses while exploring and refining their artistic skills.

The landscape around Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is only a few hours drive away from the mountainous Arabica coffee growing regions of Chiang Rai, Doi Chang and Doi Tung. It’s a vibrant but at the same time quiet city filled with many small coffee-shops run by highly passionate owners, who respect nature and the mindful preparation of drinks and food. Local baristas deeply enjoy the simple, sensual ritual of preparing, serving and tasting drip coffee. They love to smell the coffee while grinding it and find beauty when they observe how the hot water slowly flows through the freshly grounded coffee. Similar to the Japanese Tea Ceremony, baristas put all their attention into predefined movements and exact measurements. They use specific, functional equipment with elegant shapes to prepare the coffee.

The interior design and atmosphere of coffee shops in Chiang Mai are not ‘faceless’, they reflect the personality and visions of their owners and create new and memorable experiences in the lives of their guests.

Many local artists have taken a keen interest in specialty coffee culture. They have launched unique and inspiring art projects, which promote specialty coffee culture in Chiang Mai and beyond.

View on Drip for friends, coffee stand



(Max 8 people or minimum 4 people  in one group)

  • Visiting 3 various (Different locations) farmers on their picturesque plantations in North Thailand when he discovered the beauty of cultivating, processing, roasting, preparing and sipping quality coffee. You will take part in some coffee processing and coffee beans picking. Everything with local guides.
    coffee beans picking
    Coffee beans picking
  • The chance to buy specialty coffee beans, like roasted and green
    Wet coffee beans process
    Wet coffee process
  • One day pottery class, to make own coffee dripper or coffee cup.
    pottery workshop
  • Coffee roasting workshops, slow hand roasting with the local trainer, 1 full day, local traditional method.
    coffee roasting
  • Coffee brewing training with the local trainer 3 hrs.
    Brewing process at coffee making
    Brewing process at coffee making
  • Coffee cupping with little bit different way. Method of one local coffee shop owner and coffee roaster, 3-4hrs.
    coffee cupping
  • Creative photo- walk workshops 3 x, around the city
    Creative photo walk
  • Coffee shops tour, we will visit approx 10 the best and most interesting from more than 50 specialty coffee shops.
    Coffee, on background coffee shop
    Coffee at Akha Ama living experience cafe, the place is new and approx 20km from the Chiang Mai
  • Sunrise from Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep
  • Many Night markets, organic markets
    Brew bar on farmer market
    I like in Chiang Mai the saturday market at Jing Jai area.
  • I have the list of ten of the best local cuisine, mainly vegan places, what we will visit every night different one
  • We will have every day “Coffee morning” with some coffee brewing and discussion about coffee.
Slide of bread on plate, with cup of coffee
coffee and breakfast, Kissaten style
  • 2hrs introduction to  meditation Buddhist temple
  • I will help you organize flight tickets, transporting to and from Chiang Mai. Also to find the best accommodation within the old town
  • Help to Organize your following plans in Thailand.

This all will cost you 650€ include transporting, fee. But the price can be changed down or up if will problem with currency.



  • Flight tickets to Bangkok or Chiang Mai are depended on the destination from where. But count between 400-700€ for return tickets. Not include in the price
  • Accommodation, depend on your budget: from 7 to 99€ per night and room for one or two people. Not include in price.
  • Food, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner approx 3 to 10€ per dish. Not include in the price
  • Coffee from 0.60€ to 2€ for espresso, Filter from 2.50€ – 4€, not included in the price.
  • Travel Insurence, you have to do own, before you will leave your home/residence country once we will go out with professional tour guider, or driver they will cover it.





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