Coffee Nomad

Coffee Nomads

People that like to travel for a good coffee. They plan trips to discover new interesting coffees and coffee places. Coffee Nomads do not mind to travel long distances to find and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Most of them like to share their experiences. It is a pleasure for Coffee Nomads to write about their experiences or to discuss ideas with other coffee-lovers. Coffee Nomads may appear strange to other people because of their strong passion for excellent coffee. Do not confuse Coffee Nomads with the so-called ‘Coffee Snobs’.

Coffee Killers

People with good business skills who just see the opportunity to make a lot of money with coffee. They do not trade with coffee because they love coffee and the culture that is associated with it. They just want to make money with coffee.

Coffee Snobs

Coffee Snobs – similar to Coffee Nomads – do not mind to travel a long distance for a good cup of coffee. However, they are not very open minded and more conservative. They do not like to engage in discussions because they believe that their opinions are the right ones. Coffee Snobs do not like to explore and they would never drink coffee that does suit their criteria. They look down on people who enjoy different styles of coffee.

Coffee Lovers

Just like Coffee Nomads, they enjoy to taste and explore good coffee. They also like to communicate their experiences to other people. However, compared to Coffee Nomads, they do not travel long distances to find interesting coffees. They look for interesting coffee shops randomly.

Coffee Potatoes

They are coffee-lovers who like to enjoy a good coffee at home. They order excellent beans and prepare their coffee at home by themselves. They enjoy a delicious coffee, but they are not doing a big effort to share their experiences with others.


They drink any kind of coffee, often bitter drinks with a very dark brown colour. Sometimes they drink up to 10 cups per day, like water. Caffeineaholics do not care about the taste. They only care about the caffeine.

Coffee Actors

They pretend to be Coffee Lovers, but in reality they do not enjoy coffee. Often times, you can see Coffee Actors in coffee shops, sitting right next to door or outside on the terrace, where everybody can see them. They have enough money to put themselves on display in coffee shops.

Coffee Eggs

These people have discovered that there is a difference between a Cappuccino and a Latte.They enjoy drinking coffee, but do not care much about different aromas. Coffee, more or less, still tastes the same to them.

Coffee Babies

These people have just started to learn more about coffee. This time is a very important time for them. If they meet the wrong people, they could lose their potential passion for coffee, or perhaps be let into a wrong direction.

Coffee Adolescent

They are no longer Coffee Babies as they know for example the difference between an Espresso and Ristretto. They also know that there are Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. However, Coffee Adolescents have not developed a more comprehensive understanding of coffee and the culture that is associated with it.  

Coffee Students

They become more and more interested in coffee and start to educate themselves with a passion.

Speedy Beans

They are ‘Baristas’ who have completed a 1 or 3 days course. There is nothing wrong with it. But Speedy Beans think that they know everything about coffee. They do not like to listen to advice but enjoy to give advice to others.

Every stage of the coffee evolution is important. If we would miss/lose just one type of coffee people, the world would be a less interesting place.

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