A balanced life means to hold one cup of coffee in each hand.
Weird is just a side effect of being awesome.
Coffee is always a popular topic.
Drink some coffee and pretend that you know what you’re doing.
When we are enjoying good coffee, we let the present slip away and connect with our deeper selves.
My morning ritual always includes two cups of coffee: The first one wakes up my bloodstream and brain. The other one is for my soul – full of flavours and aromas.
-Life is short. Surround yourself with friendly people and drink amazing coffee.
I love it when coffee kicks in and when I realize what an adorable badass I am going to be today.
I  turn coffee into creativity.
Inhale good coffee. Exhale bad thoughts.
Life without coffee is tiring.
Proteins for brain = coffee
May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be tasty and your Mondays be easier.
Drown your troubles in magic coffee.
Life is short. Avoid negative people, bad coffee and tasteless food.
Water is the most important element in life, because without it, we can’t make coffee.
My first coffee in the morning is not perfect, but it works quite well in my bloodstream.·
My body is like a filter. Coffee flows in and creativity comes out.
Coffee & Water – An Elegant Slow Dance
Brewed Coffee’s Slow Dance.  
The Art of Brewing Coffee – A Spectacle for the Eyes.
The moment when the water hits the coffee grounds…
Coffee Once upon a time it was a sweet flower. It became fruit with stunning colours and a fermented seed with unique aroma characteristics.
It had been roasted to further develop its special aromas and flavours.
Let’s brew & enjoy coffee mindfully! Let’s see, feel, taste and smell its magic!
Every morning I start my day with coffee. Every evening I end my day with a glass of wine.

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