World Barista Championship (WBC): Who is the winner? Why changing passion for competition?

It is competition, which started in Monte Carlo, Monaco in 2000. The first winner was Robert Thoresen from Norway. It is running every year in different place around The World. The last one took place in Amsterdam.

A couple of days ago, somebody told me a story that took place in a Central European country. The barista who bought one of the most expensive coffee beans available, which nobody else could afford, won the national competition.

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In my option, a good barista is a coffee-lover, who knows how to prepare an excellent coffee drink – even from bad coffee beans. It’s much more easy to prepare a good coffee drink from outstanding coffee beans. Only knowledge, skills and passion should matter in competitions. Money and wealthy sponsors should influence the outcome of the competition.

The WBC seems to develop more into a show, which helps to propagate specialty coffee very well. But the future price of this change could be high.

Last but not least, competitions tend to support baristas, who want to be ‘the best’. But ‘the best’ doesn’t exist in real life.

In my option coffee supposed be like the bridge, what will connect us, is not?

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The Nose is a fine Judge.
-Serge Lutens

How to find good coffee shop, idea

Next time, when we enter a coffee-shop, let’s take a moment to consider the scent of the space. Do we smell the appetizing fragrances of freshly roasted beans or brewed coffee? Is there anything in the air that strikes us? Let’s pick up the scent in the air and think about what kind of emotions the smell of the space triggers in us.

But let’s also keep in mind that many businesses, including prominent coffee-shop chains, pump artificial scents into the air as a tool to increase the purchase of coffee drinks.

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