Home Barista vs. Barista

If we want to prepare and enjoy tasty coffee at home, it is important to keep in mind that every little detail during the brewing process matters.

Always remember you can prepare better coffee at home than in coffee shops, the professional Baristas!

Reasons why:

  1. One the most difference is your passion. I can’t write baristas in coffee shops, they don’t have “Fire in heart”. But it is different to prepare coffee for you or somebody close to you.
  2. You have more time to play with it.
  3. You have space for improving; also, if it is not working you have a second chance. You are not under pressure, so you have more time to learn.
  4. You create your own rules, you don’t follow the rules set by the managers or the head Barista of the coffee shop.
  5. Your skills can help a lot to improve your open mind and strong motivation because you are preparing coffee for yourself.
  6. You alone know how you like your coffee and if you have some skills you can focus on it.

“Ideal recipe for coffee brewing, how it will work for each cup of coffee. DOESN’T EXIST!”

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Home Barista

Home Barista is the specific person. The main character of the person should passion for coffee and this can help to grow and improve to this person. Right home barista taking coffee, coffee preparation more like a hobby, not because of health or “energetic” reasons. Home Barista doesn’t prepare and doesn’t drink coffee for caffeine but for aroma, taste and pleasure. Home Barista speaks about coffee loves. More you can find rules of Home Barista, published earlier.

Hario coffee dripper
Coffee preparation with Hario


It is a general name for people who are mainly working with an espresso machine in coffee shops

Barista, in my point of view, it is the person who has some basic knowledge about coffee, about how it is growing, processing and knows to say something about the particular coffee, what he is serving or preparing.

Of course, he/she known to prepare good coffee, it is mean all processes, set up own coffee machine, or other equipment.

A person who is open-minded and know to get critics or listen to others, if they try to give some advice.

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