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There’s nothing quite like a fresh start

Coffee is not just a drink. It’s a wonderful sensational experience!
To fully appreciate the aromas and flavors of our coffee drinks, we should make it a habit to cleanse our mouths properly before taking the first sip.
What’s the best way to cleanse our palates?
There are many different ways. It all depends on us and our preferences.

Cup of coffee with water

Coffee and water


It’s recommended to drink a glass of water, at room temperature (cold water can shock and numb our taste buds), right before having coffee. The water will clean not only our tongue, but also the lips and back of our mouths.
Some experts recommend drinking water that is as bland as possible such as distilled or bottled water with minimal taste. Others suggest that sparkling mineral water is more useful at cleansing the palate than still water. In their point of view, the high mineral content and the bubbles effectively assist in the cleansing process. The preferred cleansing choice of the well-known Australian sommelier Matt Skinner is water with a gentle sparkling that is combined with plenty of mineral content.

white bread and coffee

White bread and coffee

Crackers & Bread

Besides the good old water, we can also use unsalted crackers or fresh, high-quality, white bread to cleanse our palates. The dryness of the crackers and the bread helps to cleanse the mouth after oily foods or dishes that have a long finish. To cleanse their palates, some experts use a small amount of plain bread, which they wash down with plain, unflavored water.

chhese and coffee

Cheese or milk before coffee
Photo by Anastasia Zhenina from Pexels

Milk & Light Cheese

Dairy products like mild milk or light cheese are considered to be a excellent cleansers after spicy foods because they neutralize and wash down intense flavors. Milkfat coats our tongues and neutralizes tannins.
While being in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I had the opportunity to participate in a speciality coffee cupping event. Between tasting different coffees, the participants were sipping milk to cleanse their palates.

If, do you have some other advice or own experiences, please share them in the comments section.


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