Coffee culture in Asia

on June 21, 2017

Coffee travel around South – East  Asia

When I was travelling around Asia, I spoke with many local baristas. I also used the chance to participate in various coffee brewing workshops.

I am amazed, how baristas in Asia generally have a strong desire to really understand the complex processes of coffee growing, harvesting, processing, roasting, brewing and tasting. They want to know, how one process has a causal effect on the other processes. Many Asian baristas enjoy tasting coffee knowledgeably. It brings them happiness to understand why for some brews the most notable flavor is blueberry or dark chocolate.

Barista at work

Farm story, Owner and Passionate Barista

During my coffee workshops in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I did not learn any brewing recipes that I would always follow once being back in Europe. Instead, we exchanged our ideas and philosophies why we like to drink coffee.

Baristas at work

Abonzo coffee shop and farm near Chiang Rai

My teachers explained to me how the process of brewing works. Before we started the brewing process, we decided what style of coffee we want to make and we also got to know our coffee beans and the chemistry of our brewing water. My teachers recommended me different grind sizes for various brewing methods. I also learned what goes on, when water passes through the coffee grounds. My teachers helped me to understand, how flavors are distracted from the coffee grounds into the water.  

Coffee shop

Now here coffee shop&brewer

Panama city

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