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Coffee pairing with cheese


Coffee & Cheese – … And Miracles will happen

A miracle is when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A miracle is when one plus one equals a thousand.

Carl Frederick Buechner, American writer and theologian

Pairing wine & cheese

Serving wine in combination with cheese is a pleasure and a feast for the senses. It’s a wonderful culinary delight and a form of art. Intuitive and creative live enjoyers pair wine and cheese – and somehow end up preparing culinary experiences during which the result is greater than the sum of all parts.

Wine and cheese are filled with delicious flavours that support and complement each other. A piece of artisan specialty cheese, could be the perfect counterpoint to add depth and a new dimension to your favorite drink. When done creatively and mindfully, flavour and texture combinations will highlight the individual characteristics and therefore enable us to appreciate them even more. Simultaneously, fantastic pairings add tasting magic. By combining two forms of art – wine and artisan cheese – they lead us to unexplored, new experiences.

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina from Pexels

Pairing coffee & cheese

Like wine and cheese pairing, combining coffee with cheese is an inspiring journey for the senses. Coffee pairs exceptionally well with cheese! Many of the flavours found in specialty coffee drinks can also be found in cheese: caramel, nuts, chocolate, fruits or flowers – to name just a few. Knowing that coffee has more flavour notes than wine, we should prepare ourselves for incredible, memorable coffee and cheese pairing experiences!  

Give it a try! Create and taste the pairing for yourself. Have fun. Keep an open mind. Surprise yourself.

Photo by Monserrat Solis from Pexels

Recommendations & Inspiration:

    • Choose only one or two cheese and coffee types
    • Cheese should be served at room temperature
    • Begin with the mildest combination of cheese and coffee
  • To avoid mixing flavors, use a different knife for each cheese
  • First, taste some coffee. Then taste a bite of cheese. Finish with another sip of coffee. In doing so, we are helping the palette to differentiate the flavors of the coffee, from the flavors of the cheese. The unique flavor characteristics of the coffee and the cheese stand on their own and come together.

Combine similar, related elements

    • Mirroring: Identify a dominant flavor in the coffee drink and chose a cheese that features similar notes.
    • Match coffees with a delicate flavor and texture with lighter, more delicate
    • cheeses. Try pairing coffee and cheese with similar mouth-feel characteristics.
  • Combine bold flavoured coffees with more rich and robust cheeses.

Counterbalance opposites

    • Look for coffees with opposite flavor profiles than the cheeses you want to pair them with. Bold and strong flavours can be settled by soft, sweet flavours.
  • A full bodied, fruity coffee drink can be complemented by a soft and creamy artisan cheese featuring a dry mouth feel and salty, nutty flavors. While standing on their own, the unique, individual qualities of the cheese and the coffee drink will create balance in the mouth. One does not overpower the other.

Cheese – an ideal partner for balancing coffee’s acidity

  • Match heavy, creamy, high fat cheeses with coffees containing higher acidity quotient

“Find similarities or contrasts.The butterscotch sweetness of aged gouda frolics with toasty coffees; the bite of slightly sharp cheddar matches medium roasts and espresso. Funkier cheeses find comfort with coffees boasting bold notes.”

  • Will Frischkorn, Cured, Boulder, Colorado, USA

SourceCheese & coffee and Fresh cup magazine 

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