Coffee Brewing and the Importance of Instincts

on September 17, 2017
Coffee preparation process

Barista and coffee brewing

Many Baristas or coffee lovers are too much concerned about numbers.  They ask themselves, how many grams of coffee beans should I use? How many minutes should the pour-over process take? They worry about aspects that are less important in creating a delicious cup of coffee. Many people are changing nearly the entire coffee brewing process based on recommended numbers.

It’s important to follow some basic numbers and ratios, but to always strictly follow a recipe is not advisable.  It’s also not necessary to buy expensive tools to control the time or weight.

A wise barista once told me that people keep talking about numbers and recipes when preparing coffee. But preparing delicious depends less on numbers or a detailed recipe. More important are our instincts and senses. Preparing amazing coffee is like living an attentive and fulfilled life.  It’s about sensitivity and experience.

Not too long ago, Baristas created excellent coffee without relying heavily on numbers.  Let’s not be robots, but let’s follow our instincts!

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Front glass of water, back espresso in cup
Pouring water to coffee grains in coffee filter

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