Coffee enjoying & Brewing skills

Buy freshly roasted, whole beans. I prefer to purchase beans that come with a roasting date that is not older than 2 to 4 weeks. I use them within 6 weeks.

    1. It’s important that we storage the beans correctly. We should keep them away from sunlight, moisture, oxygen and heat. A good advice is to keep the beans in their original package. After each use, the package should be rolled down as much as possible to draw out excessive air.
    1. Grind the beans just a couple of minutes before you will prepare the brewing process. There are more aromatic and flavor compounds in coffee than in wine. These compounds will quickly disappear when exposed to oxygen. The grinding size depends on your preferences. There are various expert recommendations for the different brewing methods that can be taken into account.  [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]
    1. The ratio of freshly-ground coffee and water is important in preparing a delicious cup of coffee. Experiment and explore recommendations, which are often also written on the coffee packages. Keep in mind that the coffee to water ratio depends on many factors, for example, the origin of the coffee beans, the coffee grind size, and the coffee brewing method.
    1. Brewing good coffee is about precision and consistency. Each method has its own particular routines.
    2. Very important it has a good quality of water. Water create approx 98% of coffee! Don’t forget on the intensity of coffee taste it has big influence temperature of water.
    3. I recommend using a higher temperature for the lighter roast and lower, not less than 85C for the darker roast.
    1. It’s important to use quality coffee equipment and materials.
    2. Also, it is very important good quality coffee filters, don’t buy the cheaper version to save money and use them for good quality coffee.
  1. Use caps and glasses that are meaningful and aesthetically appealing to you. Enjoy your coffee in a comfortable environment.


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