Steps before you start:

  • Prepare all equipment that you need.
  • Check to see if the grinder is clean.
  • Start preparing water. If you are in countries where you can use Tap water and it tastes good, I always recommend letting the water run for a few seconds before using it.
  • While heating the water, you can weight and grind the coffee, but it is best to use the coffee grains within 10 minutes.
  • Prepare coffee dripper and filter, decanter or mug and scale.
  • It is very important for the environment to be comfortable during both the preparation and drinking processes. Also, be sure to have everything close by.
  • Count ratio and minimum in your head, prepare approximate steps, how and when you want to pour, when to stop…
  • It is important to decide how much grams of coffee will be put into the filter. The ideal height of coffee grains is 10-15mm.
  • Some coffee mainly Natural is good to pour via Chemex filters to get a cleaner cup.
  • Don’t forget to check the final weight of the coffee drink. If you pre-rinse with hot water, 12% of the paper filter will be lost after, if you don’t, then 20% will be lost. Some water will be soak to paper.
  • Pre-rinse paper filter, if you want to. Afterward add the coffee grains, then pour the water. Another way is to run the extraction process a couple seconds or minutes before you really start.
  • Pre heat ceramic, glass or steel dripper, especially if the environment is cold.

Coffee brewing – Definition

Coffee brewing with Bayawe
Coffee Brewing

In this process, you are trying to soak the coffee grains with some amount of water for a specific time. Very important is blooming, when you start the first extraction and also when getting air out of the coffee grains. Later, the slow extraction, when oils and small parts of the coffee get into the water and they start to create flavour and the drink gets thicker.write some basic recipe on the end.

22. Coffee brewing recipes to download, here:

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