Schedule for the Emotions:

  1. Step number one is to gauge the first feeling you experience. Based on this, we begin to judge the coffee before us. It’s like first meeting someone. Based upon our initial reaction, we’ll quickly regard the coffee positively or negatively. Our feelings could be influenced by the package, smell, the person who described and sold the beans, or any number of other factors. Don’t judge the coffee after the first sip, however. Many great tastes are acquired. And certainly don’t judge a coffee by its package. Would you make up your mind about others based on what kind of clothes they’re wearing?
  2. Next, come the emotions created during drinking. We can be amazed, love a coffee, and feel excited to try it again . . . or we can be disappointed, angry, and fed up.
  3. Finally, we’re left with the feeling of the whole coffee experience, including the preparation, first sip, packaging, aroma, and final sip.You must be logged in to view this content.

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