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The Monk of Mokha – blog about one coffee book about Yemen coffee

Like0 Dislike0The Monk of Mokha Book by Dave Eggers Do what you love. Dream Big. Be Bold. Make It Happen.

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pot on fire place in mountains

Yemen – From where the art of coffee drinking was spread to the world

Like0 Dislike0‘If Ethiopia is the heart of coffee, Yemen is the mind.’ – Albert Zijlstra, Volcanocafé ‘While coffee was discovered

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Erna​ ​Knutsen​ founder of SCA

Like0 Dislike0An inspiring leader, who shaped the specialty coffee culture “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,

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The Bialetti Moka Pot – history

Like0 Dislike0A much-loved coffee brewing device, inspired by a simple washing machine.Little bit history not only for Home Barista) Bialetti

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Kalita made coffee served in glass

Kalita – Brewing Equipment based on Traditional Handicrafts

Like0 Dislike0Brewing Equipment based on Traditional Handicrafts Kalita is a Japanese, family-run company, specializing in the production coffee brewing equipment

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Two Baristas at work

HARIO – An inspiring Japanese company, living the Spirit of Kaizen

Like0 Dislike0HARIO – History and Philosophy The message of the Kaizen strategy is that not a day should go by

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Like0 Dislike0Decisive Moments in the History of Coffee Culture: Melitta Benz – The Inventor of Paper Coffee Filter Exploring the

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glass with black coffee, with reflection of light

Alan Adler – The Inventor of the AeroPress – blog

Like0 Dislike0AeroPress The AeroPress is the preferred coffee maker of many coffee aficionados. It’s the only brewing tool that has

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