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The new day always starts with coffee

Many people say: “My day starts after a cup of coffee.” I say: “My day already starts when I prepare my coffee.” I wake up slowly as soon as I start smelling the aromas when opening the coffee bag and grinding the beans. I like to smell the coffee when I pour water over it and when it is ready to drink. I take the first sip of my morning coffee and I am fully awake. Continue reading ROMANTIC MORNING WITH CUP OF COFFEE

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There are many different ways to enjoy coffee. It all depends on you and your preferences.

The magic of lightly roasted beans

I like to drink light roasted coffee – simple and straight, without milk or sugar. I prefer more

acidic coffee and enjoy discovering as many different, vibrant flavors and aromas as possible. Freshly brewed, light roasted coffee can be full of beautiful sweet floral or fruity notes.

If you are used to drinking dark roasted coffee, you could give it a try and taste lighter roast. Continue reading COFFEE NOMAD PHILOSOPHY

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Moments fro Asia

During my last day in Chiang Mai, I rented a bike and decided to drive out of the city center to explore more interesting places. After driving around for a couple hours, I discovered a Buddhist temple, next to a small village. I left my bike at the gate I entered the temple.

Since I did not have much time left, I was a little bit in a hurry. I was walking quite fast around the temple. I took some pictures and decided to drive back to the city to prepare my over-night journey to Bangkok. Continue reading ONE DROP, SECOND DROP……

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It does not matter if you are preparing Espresso, Pour-Over, Chemex or Hario.

Do not mind what other people are saying. Only you know, what is best for you. You chose your favorite coffee preparation process. Do not let other  people manipulate you.

A coffee prayer could help you to improve the way you are preparing your daily cup of coffee. Perhaps you will enjoy your coffee even more. Prepare your coffee always with love and respect. There is a lot of hard work behind each bean – from the farm to mill to the exporter to roaster. Continue reading COFFEE PREPARATION PRAYER



“Some pursue happiness – others create it.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (American essayist, 1803 -1882)

Home Barista

I met an old friend of mine the other day. We spoke about life and traveling. After a while, he said: “Marek, you know a lot about coffee. I’m sure you have a secret recipe for preparing excellent coffee at home. I would be happy, if you would share it with me.”

People sometimes ask me this question or similar ones. They start to investigate and try to find “my secret recipe.” But I do not have my secret recipe or treasure. In fact, many people are searching for a myth similar to El Dorado, the mysterious lost City of Gold. Continue reading BEAING A HOME BARISTA

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How it was started

When I was about 3 to 5 years old, I experienced the magic of coffee for the very first time. I remember a friendly neighbor, who often came to visit my family during the afternoons for a chat and a cup of coffee. Back then, my parents prepared coffee with a manual grinder and a Moka pot.

I don’t remember much from my early childhood time, but I do remember these coffee-moments. When I was at home with my family and the neighbor. I clearly remember the vivid sounds and delicious coffee aromas that were part of my childhood. Continue reading MY CHILDHOOD COFFEE MEMORIES

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Coffee Cupping what is it mean? some basic information

“May you taste, smell, and touch your dreams of a beautiful tomorrow.” –  Jonathan Lockwood Huie, philosopher of happiness

Coffee experts and aficionados organize coffee cuppings to taste, analyze and grade various samples of different beans for quality. Exactness and patience are vital skills for successful cupping sessions.

Coffee cupping events are fun and filled with mystery. After all, each coffee bean sample is telling the story of a farm and its farmers. Coffee beans are mirrors of the soil and the climatic environment in which the plants were cultivated. Coffee cuppings highlight the special characteristics of the various different coffee plant varieties. Last but not least, the physical and sensorial characteristics of the beans are also a result of the roasting method.   Continue reading Coffee Cupping what is it mean? some basic information


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