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Coffee – stories from coffee beans to coffee cups

Every story has an end, but in life, every end is a new beginning. – Dakota Fanning (Uptown Girls)

As a matter of fact, design parameters – such as the size, the shape and the opening of a cup – alter the multisensory tasting experience of our coffee drinks. Alter all, it’s the design of the coffee cup that will complete the ‘story of the coffee beans’. The cup’s shape can expand the richness of the story at the end.

coffee cup on ground, cliffes
Coffee cup

Various different cup-designs will communicate the final messages of coffee beans differently. One particular coffee will display completely different characteristics across different-designed cups. Different coffees will taste better out of different cup-shapes.

Let’s reveal the hidden potential of coffee beans by using cups as functional coffee tools!

Which cup design will unlock the full flavour potential of your favourite coffee beans?

How does the shape of a cup affect our aroma, taste & flavour experience?

It had been suggested that the design of a cup:

  • controls how much air is in contact with the coffee
  • affects how aroma rises from coffee
  • determines if we will be able to get our nose into the cup for maximum coffee absorption
  • affects how the coffee flows to the cup’s opening
  • influences how we tilt our heads when drinking the coffee, which for example changes the direction and speed of the coffee hitting our tongue
  • determines the direction in which the coffee enters our mouths and which taste buds are reached first
  • influences how the liquid flows across the tongue
coffee cups
Coffee cups

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