It is general name for people who are mainly working with espresso machine in coffee shops. Similar name it is is used also for professions like are “Solicitors” or “Layer”. For the reason it can be confusing for some people.

Mix Kaffee
Main Barista with coffee lover

Who is Barista?
In my point of it is the person who has some basic knowledge about coffee, about how it is growing, processing and knows to say something about the particular coffee, what he is serving or preparing.
Of course, he/she known to prepare good coffee, it is mean all processes, set up own coffee machine, or other equipment.
A person who is open-minded and know to get critics or listen to others, if they try to give some advice.

Barista is profession, so this person should be behave professionally. With respect, patience and tolerance to every customer. A Barista should be not to judge customer and add them to categories, so it is mean mean behave differently to various people. Good Barista usually doesn’t teach people, but trying them navigate or offer different view.

Barsita at work
Barista at work in La trio


Brewer or Coffee Brewer doesn’t have nothing common with beer preparation. Coffee Brewer preparing coffee with alternative coffee preparation methods. Like are via various pour-overs, drippers, AeroPress. French press… Usually he is working in bigger specialty coffee shops, or in brew bars.

Brewer at work
The best Brewers, in my option, I have found in Gallery Drip coffee, Bangkok

Home Barista

Home Barista is specific person. The main character of the person should passion for coffee and this can help to grow and improve to this person. Right home barista taking coffee, coffee preparation more like hobby, not because of healthy or “energetic” reasons. Home Barista doesn’t prepare and doesn’t drink coffee for caffeine but for aroma, taste and pleasure. Home Barista speaks about coffee loves. More you can find rules of Home Barista, published earlier.

Home Barista at work. Photo by from Pexels
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