Life is not a competition. Living a fulfilled and meaningful life is about cooperation and compassion.

Specialty Coffee Championships

I like the idea of ‘Specialty Coffee Festivals’ that celebrate the idea of unity and diversity. It does not matter, who is ‘the best’ farmer, ‘the best’ roaster or ‘the best’ barista because ‘the best’’ does not exist. We are all different from each other, but not superior or inferior to others. Compared to all the aspects that differentiate us from each other, there are so many more things that we have in common. Let’s not compare ourselves with ‘others’, but let’s work together and be inspired every day!

I am sceptical about the growing trend of ‘specialty coffee competitions’. I understand that these events can be useful for coffee-lovers to improve their knowledge and skills. These events are a source of information, inspiration and entertainment. But on the other hand, coffee competitions tend to create unhealthy feelings of superiority, inferiority, pride and jealousy. Competitions tend encourage coffee-lovers compare themselves to ‘others’. They motivate coffee lovers to be better than the other participants. Some participants might even become obsessed with the idea of winning and being better than ‘others’.

Life is a work of art and not a comparison game.

It’s about being creative and enjoying it to the fullest. Preparing coffee mindfully is art. Artists express themselves and do not compete against each other. Why should your work of art – your way of life – be presented in front of  jury who will decide, which work will be ‘the best’, the ‘second best’ and so on? How can one compare apples and oranges and judge which of the two fruits tastes, smells, looks and feels ‘better’?

  • Everybody has her and his own masterpieces of art. Each of them has its own beauty.
  • Let’s discover the many-sidedness within ourselves!
  • Let’s improve our skills and knowledge every day!
  • Let’s become the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be – without comparing ourselves to ‘others’.
  • But let’s inspire and help each other!

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