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Bajawa, Flores Island – Indonesia

Sky above. Earth below. Peace within do you know where is it this place? Read more….

The charming and picturesque town Bajawa is located in the central highlands of the snake-shaped island of Flores, Indonesia. It’s the capital of the Ngada Regency, which is part of the East Nusa Tenggara province.

The landscape around Bajawa is incredible with a spectacular, unforgettable volcanic scenery, including the highest volcano of the island: Gunung Inerie (2245m). It’s name is derived from the words “Ine” and “Rie” meaning mother and beautiful.

Bena village

The name of Bajawa comes from “Bhajawa”, which literally means Plate of Peace (“bha” meaning plate and “jawa” meaning peace.) Bajawa is the name of one of the seven traditional villages on the west side of Bajawa town, which had been established by Dutch colonists in 1907. The the other six villages are Bongiso, Bokua, Boseka, Pigasina, Boripo and Wakomenge.

Bajawa town

Bajawa is a small, charming, rustic highland town surrounded by small traditional villages, lush rice fields, coffee plantations and cloudy, mystic wilderness. Dusty looking streets cross Bajawa. Friendly, laid back locals and flowers celebrate love in a sparkling way.

Bajawa town and region

Bajawa is the regional center of the Ngada people – who still keep their long-standing culture firmly anchored in communities

Bajawa and its surroundings are magical and enlightening. Not only its breathtaking landscape, but also its rich and varied culture will touch your heart. Those who will visit this place will leave being inspired.

Specialty coffee from Bajawa

Bajawa is one of the two famous Arabica coffee growing regions in Flores cultivation some of the best coffee beans in the world. (Manggarai is the other one)

The coffee is cultivated organically, without any chemicals at 1300 – 1500 meters on fertile, volcanic soil. Most of the coffee is grown under shade trees and pulp-natural processed at farm level. Varieties are: Lini S975, Timor hybrid, and Juriah/Typica

Coffee beans from Bajawa are known for their low level of acidity, heavy body and main flavours chocolate, vanilla and caramel. Source: here

It’s hard to find good specialty coffee within the local villages. Usually only a mix of coffee beans from various different plantations and varietals can be found.

It’s recommended to buy the beans from a local trader or mill.


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