Casco Viejo, Panama City

Today we went to Bajareque, a small fascinating coffee shop in Casco Viejo, a neighborhood in Panama City with lots of Spanish colonial architecture.   As soon as the barista of the coffee shop found out that we are passionate about coffee, he introduced us to a manager, who gave us a detailed presentation about their business. He showed us many photographs of the farm, which is supplying the coffee…   

Cafe Ruiz in warehouse
Green coffee beans you can buy there everywhere.
Cafe Ruiz in warehouse
In green coffee beans warehouse
Smell of green dry beans
A smell of green dry green coffee beans

Coffee plantation in Boquete, Panama 

We had been told that their coffee comes from the Elida Estate coffee farm in Boquete, which is located in the highlands of Panama. The manager emphasized that their high-quality coffee is produced under unique conditions:

Coffee plantation many time you can find in shadows of local forest.

The plantation is one of the two highest farms in Panama. The location is at a very high elevation – 5.600 ft/1.700m.

The cherries of the coffee trees grow slowly in the rich soils of the Baru volcano. They are surrounded by a national park. The coffee trees grow in the shade of the big rainforest.

Many small plantations you have everywhere, around the road.

The cherries are handpicked by the native Ngobe-Bugle Indians.

He also informed us that their coffee is ‘natural’, which means that the beans were dried inside the fruit. The fruit flesh had not been removed as it is the case with ‘washed’ coffee. Since their coffee is ‘natural’, it has a sweet fruity taste.   The barista of the coffee shop ground freshly roasted coffee beans for us. With a smile on his face, he called us over to the counter and asked us to smell the freshly ground coffee. What a smell and what a day! We took some fresh coffee to the hostel and continued to enjoy the day.

Strawbery coffee house in Boquete.

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