If the grinder, is not of very good quality, you will get lots of dust in the coffee. The dust will get into the coffee mainly when you do coffee via French press, Mokka pot, or you can use steel filters. The brewing process can continue afterwards, and the taste of the coffee drink can change.

Rule 1. Grind fresh coffee beans, maximum 10 minutes, before use.

Rule 2. Mix the grains after grinding.

Rule 3. The coffee beans should not be very cold after grinding and before you will use them. The ideally can be between 30-40°C. This is approx temperature and it is hard to measure them. But you don’t need to worry after faster manual or machine grinding the temperature is higher. So, the best it uses them as fast as you can, after grinding.


There are 3 main grind settings – course, medium, fine.

Grinding levels

– Extra fine for Turkish.

– Fine for espresso.

– Medium fine for dripper, more sweet cup, for a more light roast.

– Medium for pour over good balance.

– Medium course for Africa, dark roasted.

– Course for French press iced coffee.

How to set up grinders

– Light roast, usually wet process coffee beans are more fruity and they need longer extraction time. With courser grinds we are creating more fruity, acidic coffee. So, we must start with finer grinding. To set up correct grinding, you have to fix the ratio in grams (water/coffee) and time. So, it means you must keep the two, ratio and time and for the second cup move only with grinding level, finer if it is too weak, or courser if it is more intensive.

– Medium roast, natural process courser grind. We will fix ratio and time. We need a shorter time, ideally between 2.5 minutes and 3 minutes. We would like to bring more fruitiness to the sweeter cup and create a nice balanced but interesting coffee. Same like for the light roast, we go to finer grinds if the final cup of coffee is too light or opposite.

– Dark roast, the best way at Drip coffee, Pour over is set up the grinding level on “Course”, to create more acidity and also to speed the brewing process. After will less chance have some burned aftertaste in coffee.

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