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We rented a car for 1 week and explored the Tarrazu region, which is located in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica. This area is a gourmet coffee growing center of the country and a mecca for coffee-lovers.
While driving through the highlands and valleys, we passed many coffee fields. We saw quiet mountain towns surrounded by spectacular mountains, which are completely covered with shiny-leafed coffee bushes.

Coffee farm of Senior Fernando

We had been invited to visit the coffee farm of Senior Fernando Navarro Valverde, which is located in San Francisco/San Marcos de Tarrazu. His coffee plantation is about 1 hour away from Cartago, Costa Ricas first city and original capital founded in 1563.

On the farm

The coffee plantation of Senior Navarro Valverde is a paradise! It is not only a coffee plantation, but it is also a botanical garden with many animals and a beautiful waterfall. Whenever he needs to make an important decision, as he told us, he walks down to a quiet place with tropical flowers, right next to the waterfall.

We also visited the coffee plantation and house of his charismatic brother. At his house, he showed us big bags filled with coffee. With a big smile on his face, he took both of his hands and filled them with coffee beans. Slowly he put his nose into the coffee beans. And for about half a minute he was breathing in the magic aroma of Tarrazu. He encouraged us to do the same. It was an experience, which we will never forget! We experienced it for the first time. He is experiencing it every day.

Later on, both brothers introduced us to their friendly family. We met their wise, hardworking 73-year-old father. He is working on their coffee plantations every day for 8 hours with passion. No matter how wet or hot it is. The sons are proud of him. Everything important, what they know about coffee-culture, they learned from him. To honor their father, they sell their coffee in bags, which are decorated with a nice picture of their father.

We are very thankful that we had the opportunity to visit this wonderful family!

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