The AeroPress is the preferred coffee maker of many coffee aficionados. It’s the only brewing tool that has its own World Championship.

Adam Adler – who owns over 40 patents – is the mastermind behind the AeroPress. He is a passionate inventor with an engineer’s mind, based in Silicon Valley, California. Adler appreciates simplicity, thinks outside the norm and loves to find new ways of doing things better.

 He loves his coffee rituals and used to own a coffee maker that prepared 6-8 cups per brew – a much bigger amount of coffee he was planning to drink. It’s not surprising, that it didn’t take long that the passionate inventor started to think about possible ways to brew single cups of coffee. 

Creativity is Intelligence having Fun.

-Albert Einstein.


In 2004, he begun to experiment with existing brewing methods. During his research he also realized that the flavours and aromas of the final coffee drinks are affected by two key factors:

    • Filtering time: The longer the coffee grounds are in contact with the water during the brewing process, the more bitter and sour tasting particles will be extracted from coffee grounds. A shorter wet-time creates sweeter coffee flavours.
  • Temperature: Adler and his friends were tasting various coffee drinks that had been brewed with a different water temperature.They came to the agreement that the tastiest brews had been prepared with water temperature of 80 °C.

Adler was no longer only on the mission to create a single cup-serving home coffee maker. He was also determined to design a device.  That would enable him to brew coffee at a lower temperature and for a shorter filtering time.

Since no-one had created the coffee maker he desired, he designed it himself.

Adler – a self-taught aerodynamic specialist – invented a completely new coffee brewing concept. He came up with the revolutionary idea to use air pressure to shorten the brewing process and created the AeroPress, a lightweight brewing device that uses air pressure to push the water through the grounds into our coffee cup.

  • In the fall of 2005, the AeroPress was launched at a coffee festival in Seattle.
  • The first Aeropress World Championship was held in 2008 in Oslo, Norway.

There are 2 basic preparation methods:

  • Standard method (first three images below)
  • Inverted method  (last five images below)


10 Types of Recipes:

  • Standard Method
  • Inverted Method
  • Bright and Fruity Coffees
  • Chocolate, Nutty, Low Acid Coffees
  • High volume
  • Espresso-style
  • Iced AeroPress
  • Experimental
  • Championship Winning Recipes
  • Video recipes

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