Coffee! Most of us, if not all, have a great coffee story. It could be the start of a great conversation, friendship, love story, beginning of a new life adventure, a companion in difficult times, a work of art, nature’s healing treasure… the list is endless. As for me, my life revolves around coffee. As an experienced all-round barista, coffee shop consultant, coffee equipment designer and lifestyle photographer, coffee brings me back to life from its cultivation, harvesting, roasting right into the aromatic hot cup of this beloved delicacy; coffee is a deeply fulfilling ritualistic art.

For years, I have traveled around the world studying the beauty of coffee culture, mindful preparation techniques and joyous rituals associated with coffee.

All my experiences, experiments and accumulated knowledge have driven me into starting BAYAWE —a website which will bring all things coffee under one roof. In this website, people will have a platform where they can share their skills, coffee making techniques, coffee stories, travel experiences and knowledge. At BAYAWE, our mission is to inspire home baristas, professionals and coffee lovers from all walks of life to enjoy, learn and explore the world of coffee. Beyond that, we will highlight specially designed coffee equipment, organize tours, workshops, vlogs and blogs. Every coffee experience is different and better than the last.

By supporting this project, a new story will start in the lives of coffee enthusiasts across the world. With your kind support, a platform where coffee lovers can connect, share and inspire one another will become a reality.

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Coffee out
Coffee out