A Clever Way to prepare Coffee

on April 10, 2017

The Clever Dripper, Moka Pot and French Press are in my opinion the three most practical beginner coffee preparation accessories for home baristas.

The Clever Dripper is one of my favorite manual pour-over instruments. There is one thing that makes the Clever Dripper special. It has a patented valve at the bottom that keeps the brew from drawing down until the barista choses to activate it by placing the dripper on a cup.

This mechanism allows baristas to steep the water as long as they want. The barista decides when the coffee will be released the into another container. That way the flavours can fully develop.

It is easy to use the Clever Dripper.  You will get consistent results.  

Here is my Clever-Drip recipe:

35g of coarse grinded, similar to sea salt.

Filtered water 525 g. Temperature: 90C.

Coffee-Water Ratio: 1:15

Prepare the filter for the brewing process: Pour hot water over the entire filter. Make the filter wet.The hot water will open the pores of the paper filter.

Put the grinded coffee into the filter. Start the timer.

Pour the first 20% of water over the coffee. Wait for 45s. Then pour again 20% of the water over the coffee. Wait for 45s. Pour one more time 20% of the water over the coffee and wait for 45s. Now you put the Clever Dripper on a cup and let the water slowly get out. While doing so, you pour the rest of the water (40%) through the filter.

The whole brewing process will take max. 4 mins.




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