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Farmstory coffee shop, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Thailand’s second largest city is an amazing place to be. It’s a magnet for creative minds and peace-seeking travelers.

Here you can find many small coffee-shops run by highly passionate owners, who are happy to talk to you about coffee. Many of them are artists that are also involved in the entire coffee preparation process. They frequently visit coffee plantations and help farmers during the harvest and the bean processing rituals. The mountainous Arabica coffee growing regions of Chiang Rai, Doi Chang and Doi Tung are only a few hours drive away from Chiang Mai.

Experience the city’s vibrant specialty coffee scene! There are many excellent coffee shops waiting to be explored. Here are our 9 favorite ones.

Mix Kaffee

Hours: Mon-Fr 10am-3:30pm

Address: Mix Kaffee, 29/2 Arak Road, Sri Phum, 50200 Amphoe Muang Chiang Mai

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Mixkaffee/

Phone: 0066 81 568 7203

This coffee shop is located next to a busy main road, but once you come inside, you will hear calming jazz music from a LP player and the friendly discussions of locals. The owner, Mr. Ton, is a charismatic and talkative coffee aficionado. Mix Kaffee offers a homely atmosphere and is well known because the baristas don’t use an espresso machine or drippers to prepare excellent coffee drinks. Instead, they are creating amazing shots of coffee with Moka pots! Mix Kaffee creates surprising and delightful customer experiences that will be remembered decades later.


Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-4pm

Address: A DAY IN CHIANG MAI COFFEE BREW, 107/1 Ragang Rd., 50100 Amphoe Muang Chiang Mai


e: https://www.facebook.com/adayinchiangmaicoffee/

Phone: 0066 53 277 777

This is a small, charming air-conditioned coffee shop located within 10 minutes walking time from the Old Town. Look around this interesting space and be inspired! The friendly barista has a big passion for art. He loves coffee and photography and also displays a few vintage cameras in his shop. He prepares excellent pour-over and espresso based drinks. Grab a window seat and watch the day pass by and enjoy observing the lively street outside.


Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm

Address: GRAPH CAFÉ, 25/1 Ratvithi Rd. Lane 1, T.Sriphoom, Muang, 50200 Chiang Mai

Website: https://www.facebook.com/graphcafe.chiangmai/

Phone: 0066 86 567 3330

GRAPH CAFÉ is a small coffee shop specializing in espresso and espresso-based coffee drinks. It’s an icon among Chiang Mai’s local coffee shops. Located on a quiet alley, it offers a minimalistic interior design, depth, quality coffee and an inviting and friendly atmosphere. The place is filled with meaningful, small details. When I visited this place last time, there was small sign with a message on one of the tables: “Everything has beauty, but not everybody it can see it.” It’s a beautiful message describing the inspiring and deep spirituality of locals in Chiang Mai.

FIEOW Coffee Room Roaster Shop

Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-6pm

Address: FIEOW Coffee ROOM, 224/4 Lamphun Rd. T. Nong hoi, A. Muang,  Chiang Mai

Website: https://www.facebook.com/fieowcoffeeroom/

Phone: 0066 89 265 9889

FIEOW is a great local specialty coffee spot, located approximately 4 km South from the Old Town. It had been established to create enjoyable and inspiring coffee moments.The baristas are serving excellent coffee that is roasted on site. It’s a spacious a relaxed place with comfy couches. FIEOW also serves as a platform that brings together the local coffee community. They organize tasting events and provide refreshing information about specialty coffee culture and the art of preparing coffee.

Akha Ama Coffee La Fattoria

Hours: Thu-Tue 8am-6pm, Wed closed

Address: Akha Ama Coffee La Fattoria, Ratchadamnoen Rd, Sri Muang, Chiang Mai


Phone: 0066 86 915 8600

Ama translates to “mother” in the Akha language. The name of this coffee shop is dedicated to a mother, living in the Akha village of Maejantai, who motivated the people of her village to cultivate and market their own coffee beans. In 2010, members of the Akha community established the ‘Akha Ama Cafe’ in Chiang Mai to promote their specialty coffee. A second branch had been added to the community’s coffee network only two years later. Did you know that the Akha People grow and process amazing award-winning organic coffee beans?

Farmstory House

Hours: Mo-Tue 8am-7pm, Thu-Fr 8am-7pm, Sat-Sun 8am-9pm

Address: Farmstory House, 7 Rachadamnone Rd Soi 5, Mueang Chiang Mai

Website: https://www.facebook.com/farmstoryhouse/

Phone: 0066 81 629 1662

Come and experience the homely and inspiring atmosphere inside the traditional teak Farmstory House! The owner roasts his own coffee beans and prepares delicious pour-over coffee drinks. There are many small meaningful and treasured details around the house telling the stories of struggle and success of local farmers. This place is a wonderful symbol for Chiang Mai’s deep roots in agriculture and entrepreneurship. The place is run by a friendly local couple, who will put a smile on your face and in your heart.

Bays coffee co.

Hours: Mo-Sun 8am-9pm

Address: bays coffee co., Soi Hmong, 50300 Chiang Mai

Website: https://www.facebook.com/bayscoffeeco/

Phone: 0066 86 673 4853

A friendly and highly skilled barista – named Bay –  is running this innovative coffee kiosk. He uses outstanding quality local beans to brew amazing coffee drinks. Coffee lovers can choose from various manual brewing methods: pour-over coffee, slow-drip, Aeropress or Frenchpress. Bays Cafe shares a relaxing open air area with the Food4Thought restaurant. Bay not only masters the philosophical art of coffee p

repairing and drinking, but he also passionate about making a positive, constructive impact on the community of Chiang Mai. He uses a portion of his profit to empower local at-risk youth. One of Bays life slogans is: ‘When we get, we give. When we sip together, we stay together.’

TOONGs Coffee Roaster

Hours: Fr-Wed 9am-4pm, Thu closed

Address:TOONGS Coffee Roaster, 1/135 M.5 NongKhwai, HangDong, 50230 Chiang Mai

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ToongsCoffee/

Phone: 0066 85 039 1451

The coffee aficionados behind this this place are not only passionate about coffee, but they are also big cycling fans. When I visited this place, there were always some other guests that came by bike. They roast their own local beans onsite. To ensure that every bag contains the best beans only, the team always selects the best beans by hand before and after the roasting process. TOONGs serves excellent Espresso and pour-over coffee drinks.The atmosphere is exceptionally friendly.

Cottontree Coffee Roasters

Hours: Wed-Mon 8am-4pm, Tue closed

Address:Cottontree Coffee Roasters, 45/38 M.5 T.Chang Phuak, 50300 Chiang Mai



Phone: 0066 86 090 9014

Located within an apartment complex, close to the Nimmanhaemin’s Maya mall, you will find this beautifully designed, bright and spacious specialty coffee shop. It’s a peaceful and hidden oasis for coffee lovers away from the city’s hustle. They roast their own locally sourced beans onsite and serve excellent espresso-based drinks and pour-overs. Cottontree offers an exceptional specialty coffee experience off the beaten track. It’s a place that should not be missed.


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